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  1. Drax Drax

    Opening credits, very cool.

  2. Pallas Pallas

    Saw Love Exposure two weeks ago for The Boston Underground Film Festival. Absolutely incredible. Shortest 4 hours of my life.

  3. Peter Peter

    Enter The Void played at Sundance and has distribution last time I looked.

    Micmacs is opening the Sf International Film Festival, playing the Tribeca Film Festival and also has distribution.

    Of the others, I wot not their distribution chances.

  4. Illogic Illogic

    Love Exposure is covered from what I’ve heard. Someone go look at twitch, I can’t be bothered while borrowing net from the only unprotected connection around here.

  5. Dr. Miklow Dr. Miklow

    Just watched Love Exposure two nights in a row. For years I have been asked what my favorite film is and always had to spit out five or so titles. No more! Love Exposure is my new undisputed all time favorite film. It is a true masterpiece. Thank you for posting this trailer, which was what turned me on to it. Amazing!

    I saw Enter the Void at TIFF 09, it was easily the most memorable film I saw there.

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