7 thoughts on “Station Ident: Damn Straight”

  1. There are wwaaayyy too many unwanted children in this damn world as it is. Everytime I see some mouth breather yell at or even hit their child in public it’s all i can do not to strangle the s.o.b….not saying it’s a preferred method, just that it’s an option…

  2. I WISH I were the artist for that one. I’ve been writing corrections on those ads in sharpie when I see them. This person is much cooler for having prepared a response in advance.

  3. See those signs on my commute every damn day. WTF, like being coerced or guilted or forced into continuing and unplanned unwanted pregnancy *doesn’t* change you?

  4. Kind of reminds me of a billboard saying something to the effect that “a three month old fetus can feel pain”. It just sounded really defeatist. I wish somebody could have added “Don’t subject more innocents to the human condition. Abort today.”

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