Who’s On Tumblr?

March 29th, 2010 | brainjuice

Drop your Tumblr ID in comments. Give everyone something to read.

146 Responses to “Who’s On Tumblr?”

  1. http://teammummy.tumblr.com

  2. http://nimoysunsetpie.tumblr.com/

  3. http://bornofanatombomb.tumblr.com/

  4. http://virginstandup.tumblr.com

  5. http://83five.tumblr.com

  6. http://stevenpaulr.tumblr.com/

  7. http://nukeourlimo.tumblr.com

    mostly google reader feed stuff

  8. http://cogsandneurons.tumblr.com/

  9. http://sketchyjoe.tumblr.com/

  10. Personal tumblr: http://davidbedard.tumblr.com
    Video game essays: http://shoulderbutton.tumblr.com
    Failed experiment: http:/fuckyeahgodzilla.tumblr.com

  11. http://mybloodyzombie.tumblr.com

  12. http://whatsthedealwithblank.tumblr.com

  13. strangebirds.tumblr.com

  14. http://wewillendure.tumblr.com/

  15. http://roryhan.tumblr.com/

    Cinematography + Photography. Camera Asst /Operator in NYC.

  16. http://dominic.stripysock.com (tumblr, but a custom url)

  17. pogostick

  18. Hidden City Curios: http://mkhall.tumblr.com

  19. stuff: http://silas216.tumblr.com
    fruit: http://redsexyfruit.tumblr.com
    podcast http://randomtimelords.tumblr.com

  20. stuff http://silas216.tumblr.com
    fruit http://redsexyfruit.tumblr.com
    podcast http://randomtimelords.tumblr.com

  21. http://fragmad.tumblr.com

  22. http://jeffjuliard.tumblr.com/

  23. conversations with life… http:onmejack.tumblr.com

    online scrapbook http://notesfromonline.tumblr.com/

  24. http://ethanizaak.tumblr.com/

    I’ve been busy, so it’s a bit behind the times at the moment.

  25. savageaphid.tumblr.com

  26. I have 2. http://bibliogrrl.tumblr.com, which I forget about on a regular basis. And my guy and I do a food one, at http://stuffwecooked.tumblr.com. I’m vaguely better about updating that one. Hah.

  27. http://ericrosenfield.tumblr.com/

    But it’s just a consolidation of all my sites fed into tumblr rather than original content. (I believe you linked to something recommending this a few years ago which was how I got the idea)

  28. http://danielferraz.tumblr.com/

  29. http://attentionindustry.com – running on a custom domain, but very much a tumblr (Mostly media theory oriented). Random thoughts are at http://joncrowley.tumblr.com.

  30. iPhone NYC: http://iphone-nyc.tumblr.com/

  31. Personal tumblr: http://coyotesqrl.tumblr.com/

    Group fiction tumblr: http://toomanycooks.tumblr.com/

  32. Tumblr
    Tumblrcats Hooooo


  33. http://edcrypt.tumblr.com
    I write there sometimes.

  34. http://weatherbeatenhollowsofsnow.tumblr.com/

  35. http://secondarywaltz.tumblr.com/

  36. http://chrisniebohr.tumblr.com
    brain dump.

  37. http://bopo.tumblr.com/

  38. http://andykhouri.tumblr.com

  39. It’s my “art worker” blog!

  40. I really like yours ferraz, if I had a tumblr you would have a new follower.

  41. http://orsonkent.tumblr.com/ – sundry stuff and things I find and like and share.

  42. If you insist: http://kbkarma.tumblr.com
    Random crap I find online; mostly anime- or game-related.





  44. My tumblr…http://ekstasis.tumblr.com

    Have at it.

  45. meow for life!

  46. http://musehick.tumblr.com/

  47. http://monoclepopsoff.com

    >> stuff that makes me laugh. You mileage may vary.

  48. http://sycamore.tumblr.com

  49. http://calebmonroe.tumblr.com

  50. Mostly a catch-all for my tweets, fickr photos, & shared items on Google Reader.

    I’m also gathering stuff for http://fuckyeahlincoln.tumblr.com

  51. dearknucklehead.tumblr.com

  52. http://howlingoutlaw.tumblr.com/

    Various rantings. Not a lot, just started it up, but sure to waste some people’s time.

  53. It’s mainly a place to put websites to look at later, but there is some other stuff on there too.

  54. http://bodieswithoutorigins.tumblr.com

    Nothing special, just getting it up and running. Currently celebrating Pai Mei Monday.

  55. bestbeloved.tumblr.com is me trying to turn my old screensaver of “photos of things I like” into a tumblr.

    Oh heck, this means I’ve got to publish stuff to it more than once a week, doesn’t it…

  56. http://ulaulaman.tumblr.com/

  57. http://tomtomorrow.tumblr.com

    just random postings until my site is up and running

  58. http://wurzeltod.tumblr.com/

    Not so active anymore, but still highly recommended for your weekly medical fun.

  59. The Art of Doctor Who

    Just posted – New Tardis interior!

  60. http://steviantsounds.tumblr.com

    Not only my Tumblr but my general all-round website for my music.

  61. http://pushbuttonpress.tumblr.com

  62. http://ancientforever.tumblr.com/

    The Art of Doctor Who

    Just posted – Inside the new Tardis.

  63. 405

  64. Sometimes linkblogging, sometimes short fiction where I’m the protagonist and it doesn’t end well, usually called “Logan Beaver vs. _______”

  65. Whoops! left my tumblr link inside my first name. The address is http://secretwars.tumblr.com.

  66. My new, comfortably basic, obscenely green home on the web.

  67. http://jbacardi.tumblr.com/

    Various and sundry, mostly images.

  68. Stuff, going a bit stale, should fill the queue again

  69. I use it to post photographs I have taken.


  70. A coworker of mine who is a fine artist just started a tumblr page.


  71. http://a-month-of-sundays.tumblr.com


  72. Personal Blog

    Travel blog of artists, musicians and vagabonds.


  73. My Film Ratings, Rankings, and Ramblings.

  74. http://draculaderonda.tumblr.com/ –Mostly stuff I’ve drawn when I should be working…

  75. http://pulsatingeyes.tumblr.com/ – photoblog I just started up today. Will be posting my photography as well as images from other people that inspire me.

    http://wornoldhat.tumblr.com/ – A kind-of-daily music blog where I post..well, music.

  76. http://chipstian.tumblr.com/ – I like the JPG file format. It is so succulent. (Will contain music soon, as well)

  77. Not mine, but this is my favorite tumblr:


  78. http://musicjanai.us

  79. http://combatboredom.tumblr.com

  80. http://andrenavarro.tumblr.com/

  81. http://deltamualpha.tumblr.com/ collects twitter, formspring.me, and linkage.

  82. http://cmaaarrr.tumblr.com/

  83. http://erhebung.tumblr.com

  84. http://leandrodamasceno.tumblr.com

  85. http://drivethruthis.tumblr.com

  86. http://liquidnight.tumblr.com/

  87. http://hbsb.tumblr.com – A complete archive of my on-going experiment in writing as a public experience. Every week I take 1500 words from my in-progress comedy novel “How I Became a Suicide Bomber” and upload them as an audio book serial. This is the unedited first draft that is just barely a few thousand words ahead of each episode in terms of progress.

  88. http://jeremycai.tumblr.com/

  89. blog.justinrcole.net

  90. http://cryptogirl.tumblr.com/

    It’s mostly just a collection of random shit.

  91. http://jnadiger.tumblr.com

  92. Thanks, Anon :)

  93. mrbeard@hotmail.com

  94. http://kayfabe.tumblr.com

  95. http://sussexgamer.tumblr.com – weekly-ish blog about the various RPGs, board games and video games I’m playing.

  96. http://pete-darby.tumblr.com/ Just Ramblings.

  97. http://baphomouselr.tumblr.com/

  98. http://mstek.tumblr.com/ <– mine but it really only repeats tekwh0re.net.

  99. http://oficinadodiabo.tumblr.com/ My auxiliary memory. Half in English, half in portuguese.

  100. “Jagged shards of popular culture eviscerating the flabby guts of the Internet.” – http://shrapnel.tumblr.com/

  101. http://ltcoblivious.tumblr.com

  102. the girlfriend’s – http://noirrrow.tumblr.com

  103. This Is My Perfect Crime: http://seamusheffernan.tumblr.com/

    Art, music, culture, celebrity skewering, and so on.

  104. http://mickierat.tumblr.com of course.

  105. http://titivil.tumblr.com

  106. http://comicslifestyle.tumblr.com home of monsters

  107. Started as a joke and just kept going: http://fuckyeahbooks.tumblr.com/

    My photoblog: http://photoeleven.tumblr.com/

  108. http://couch.graphic.ly

    Person site – http://www.jonstump.net

  109. http://benedictjones.tumblr.com

    Ink sketches + writing.

  110. http://ravinss.tumblr.com

  111. I talk an awful lot of rubbish and occasionally remember I’m trying to make music over at http://seej500.tumblr.com

  112. I run this with a friend, it’s just a way for us to send funny things between us now that I’ve moved across the ocean


  113. http://timfastic.tumblr.com/

  114. http://amkelly.tumblr.com/

    not updated much the last few weeks but there’s photographs, art, quotations and poorly edited essays on all sorts of things.

    also highly recommended is tragos.tumblr.com

  115. http://marvinartists.tumblr.com/

    Collective Art Project based on a book by Ethan Bodnar.

  116. http://amatern.tumblr.com/ – random art and fancy pictures

  117. http://ephemeralindustries.com


  118. http://keepitsurreal.tumblr.com

  119. http://tumblr.mikerapin.com

  120. http://momentodegracejo.tumblr.com/

  121. http://eyemage.tumblr.com/

  122. http://andrewtsks.tumblr.com

  123. tracking orange and blue design.

    a meta mashup of all things me
    with some Tumblr reblogs on the side.

  124. http://codenamedv.tumblr.com/

  125. http://criminalwisdom.com/
    Crime culture.

  126. http://buzzregog.tumblr.com

  127. http://quittheband.tumblr.com

  128. http://doomweed.tumblr

  129. http://100shotstocrashdown.tumblr.com
    a bunch of – pulp – short novels in italian language.
    sorry :d

  130. just joined and trying to find a fitting theme, del.icio.us imports and netlabel spam for now.

  131. http://tonyvarrato.tumblr.com/

  132. http://gamefreaks.co.nz [custom domain]

  133. I forgot this week, but I’m dropping Ubergrid into the personalities directory next week.

  134. http://meretricious.tumblr.com/

  135. http://electronicalrattlebag.tumblr.com/

  136. http://pauljtaylor.tumblr.com

  137. http://www.portersnotebook.tumblr.com

  138. http://notevensurewhy.tumblr.com/

  139. http://twinysam.tumblr.com/
    Do not click it, you will probably regret it.

  140. bernard.tumblr.com

  141. http://herbt.tumblr.com/

  142. http://quartzcity.tumblr.com/

  143. tumblresta

  144. http://j0hnny666.tumblr.com/

    just switched over from blogger

  145. Follow me ;)

  146. No link!