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  1. Nikie Nikie

    this is pretty cool
    I love how Diana adds that little character brief to the side
    would love to see a colored version of this though!

  2. I was going to comment on how the hat is chopped off somehow but when I went to her site it seems fine, Warren, stop eating peoples art work haha! This is impressive, I’ve bookmarked her site and looking forward to seeing more of the characters in this so called set.

    Surprised I’ve never heard of Diana before, does she work anywhere familiar or has she worked on any comics we might know of?

  3. chris chris

    She needs to update her site more often, this is some nice work, thanks for the share Mr Ellis!!!

  4. Darren Morgan Darren Morgan

    i think my last comment didnt go through so here it is again:

    This is a cool character but theres another she posted after this one i think PILOT that one is way better but cool work none the less

  5. Fabio Fabio

    I dropped off a couple comments on Diana’s sit, she seems like a really nice person and her work is not at all bad. I’m more interested in seeing the completed set and then what she plans to do with it.

  6. I wish there were colored versions of these characters like the juggernaut one she posted, that would really knock these out of the park for me, but great find Warren.

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