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CROOKED LITTLE VEIN Lettered Special Edition At 75% Off

Just noticed this. I did a special limited edition of CROOKED LITTLE VEIN with Subterranean Press, sporting a frankly brilliant photo cover by Clayton Cubitt. The edition did sell out, I was told. And then, this:

Tim’s been into the bowels of SubPress storage again, and come out with a goodly number of copies of the Signed Lettered Edition of Warren Ellis’s novel, Crooked Little Vein.

There’s one hitch, however, which is why the books have been packed away for a good long while. When they were getting ready to send books out to customers, our shippers accidentally numbered the lettered copies. These lettered copies (at $100, a good $300 off the original price of $400) have the incorrect number on the signature page crossed out, and the proper letter written in. They’re perfect in all other ways, so are a bargain for Ellis fans wanting the most limited state the novel.

Here’s the link.

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  1. Shawn Shawn

    Ahhhhhhhhh….it was easy to skip the limited edition when it was really out of my price range. I’m going to be back and forth on this all day now.

  2. Eric Eric

    Don’t know how I feel about this… a bit cheated maybe?
    I paid $400 for the Lettered Edition (which turned out to be the Limited Edition housed in a leather clamshell case — I know because I got both, and I prefer a bit more difference between my limited and lettered editions.)
    Now a slight error (which doesn’t invalidate the Letter at all) can save you $300?
    If that’s possible, what set the worth of the edition without the error at $400? Before receiving the book I figured it was in part the materials to construct the Lettered Edition (wrong), or maybe how much it cost to get the rights to publish these special editions in the first place (doubtful now that they can be marked down so radically.)
    I’d hope next time they’re could be a bit more oversight in the quality of the production as well as in setting a fair price.

  3. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I’ve got to say, I’m probably the wrong person to tell…!

  4. tobot tobot

    i had a similar thing with a set of autumn by david moody signed but he had written the wrong year and crossed it out, ended up it made them even more valuable and i got nearly a grand for the set, only cost me £40 ;-)

  5. It appears they are sold out. :(

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