Station Ident: The Science Of Being Awake

March 29th, 2010 | station ident

this is warrenellis dotcom and i just woke up and no i have no idea what this is


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  2. It’s great how the women of the future are smoking hot, yet the man of the future is ugly as buggery.

    At least they had imagination back in the day, nowadays everyone would just send you a link to a google image search of one of those furries off of Avatar; if you asked them what the man of the future would look like.

  3. Oh…this is making one of man kinds greatest lies into a reality, as in I have an eight inch nose and I can breathe out of my ears…notice the smiles on the women’s faces?

  4. That snout … and the women … connect the dots.

    Damn. I’ve been reading this site too long.

  5. It’s even curved almost like those special G-spot-reaching vibrators. Damn.

  6. It gets even more disturbing when you realise that they’ve optimized the whole process even further by putting the mouth closer to the groin…so you can kiss at the same time.