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received goods 27mar10

It’s like watching a reknowned and venerable pointillist taking up a brushpen. Studying the paper for long moments, considering its tooth and weight. Laying down five lines without apparent consideration for where they should be or what they are. And with the sixth mark you realise, you see, you can’t imagine having seen anything else but a perfectly rendered human face.


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  1. Drax Drax

    Hooray! (I never thought I’d use that word.) No, seriously, ALL RIGHT. I can’t wait to see what you think of this book, WE! Glancing at the clock, I guess I should say, “Good morning.”

  2. Drax Drax

    And I was just thinking about that damn book today, that very book, this very day, because there was a moment (today) that I wish I could make “elastic” I guess, even though it was an arguably trivial and sentimental moment—if I could just “grab” every “frame” of that “sequence”—I had just bought my 8 yr old daughter her first pair of glasses, and she was on the, groan oh god yes shoot me, she was the fucking carousel, and it wasn’t that she so deliriously happy, it was just WRITTEN on her face, she knew she was loved. She knew she was loved. And if I made it a poem or picture or anything it would SUCK, it would be absolute gagfest, but if I could take those two or three minutes and made them last for say, a century, maybe that would be something… What’s the page count of POINT OMEGA? 160 pages, something like that? Kakutani called it “sparse.” Boy oh by did she miss the point.

  3. /d /d

    DeLillo can only be compared with himself.

  4. Drax Drax

    Sorry for numerous typos. It was late, I was busy. “She was on the fucking carousel,” “It wasn’t that she was so deliriously happy,” and “Boy oh boy.”

  5. Very eloquent. romantic even. girls swoon at your feet don’t they, you brat?

    By the way, I bought the universal healthcare T (I kinda had to being an employee of the state department of health in a largely republican state…

    oh,and a space bastard mug today, while drinking out of my wheres my fucking coffee mug. Space Bastard for the kid, who is studying cosmology.

    we wont even go into the bookshelf.

    its beginning to feel like a freakin warrenellis circus up in here. or perhaps sanctuary? yes, you’d prefer that i think.

    dammit. u got all my monies. I’ll have to hook to buy the book~

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