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  1. looked like being the next big thing. And then he kind of went away.

    Can be said to a greater or lesser degree of most webcomics, unfortunately. No one agrees with me on this, but it’s a goddamn lost generation of artists who threw their best into the web during this decade for absolutely no return.

  2. Lyle Lyle

    Should someone point out to him that relying on the kindness of strangers is also a broken business model? The webcomics creators he mentions were able to do it for a little while, but they all wound up admitting it doesn’t work in the long term and found other ways to earn a living wage (merchandising, auctions, commissions, etc).

  3. @Lyle: I would see the pledge model as a way of getting a critical mass of cool shit completed.

    Once “Spiders” or “Apocaman” is completed, Farley’d have something that could sell in book form and pitch merchandise for.

    Scotty Zaccherine / “Barracuda” . . . man, as someone who got out of Silicon Valley just in time, that one really resonates. That could, should, be made into a frigging movie.

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