Night Music: Fantastic Cat

March 25th, 2010 | music

I used to make friends listen to this. I mean, make them. Many of them were not my friends afterwards. I did not care.

Takako Minekawa sat down to make an album without leaving her apartment. About her apartment. Which is kind of reflected in the video. She kind of ran dry after a while. Hence, the cat got a song.

It is both appalling and sublime.


10 Responses to “Night Music: Fantastic Cat”

  1. I actually liked it

  2. Favorite by her is the Fun9 e.p.

  3. Awesome! It’s been years since I heard this song. And yes, pretty much everyone I ever played it for ran away in horror….but it’s infectious! I never did check out any of her other stuff though and had no idea there was a whole album about her apartment.

  4. That was the longest 3:57 of my life. You bastard. Now this will become like the official fucking theme song of the Internet. My head!!

  5. It’s a perfect synthpop single; it amuses, then it grates, then you just give up and accept. Simple!

  6. Horrible music for horrible people… And I almost liked it.

  7. I absolutely loved this song. For some reason, whenever I’m running it through in my head I add invented little interstitial ‘meows’

  8. Ouch! My brain! It hurts! I’m not hearing anymore hoping to forget it.
    That’s my prize for hearing Warren. But the girl is cute, it’s the most I can say about it.

    Must hear something else to rinse my brain of it. You can’t hear this music as first music of the day, under no circumstances.

  9. That was possibly the most unenthusiastic song creation ever. I think I actually got a little bit depressed listening to all of it. I’m going to go take a nap.

  10. I swear this is actually “Fantasy Cat” right? Not Fantastic Cat?
    Because I’ve watched it three times and I can’t see any sign of a cat. Obviously the sheer awesomeness of this song has induced chronic feline hallucinations.