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Still on the Delia Derbyshire kick, gathering bits together. I turned up information on this curiosity the other day. And sure enough, the You Tubes, retailers of all kinds of cultural lumpy bits, had an upload of it. Delia Derbyshire did another version of the DOCTOR WHO theme in 1972. It was rejected, though apparently accidentally appended to some episodes that went out to Australia. This version is named “Delaware,” for the Delaware Road studio she worked at.

It’s an odd bugger. It’s not as good as her original production of Ron Grainer’s composition (as I’ve noted elsewhere, Grainer actually wanted her credited as co-composer, which speaks incredibly well of him). But it’s interesting to hear where her head was at in 1972, what she deemed both commercial and contemporary.

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  1. Thumpsquid Thumpsquid

    “Delaware” was also the name of the EMS Synthi 100 owned by the Radiophonic Workshop that was most probably used to make this version of the “Doctor Who” theme

  2. Mike Stubbs Mike Stubbs

    ‘Delaware’ isn’t a title, so much as an in-house production tag- to show that this version was produced with the EMS Synthi 100.

    I quote:

    ‘To prepare for its arrival in Delaware Road, Maida Vale, a studio door was widened in record time, and the EMS Synthi 100- the size of two double wardrobes- was heaved into the Workshop and re-christened The Delaware.’

    (from page 129 of ‘The BBC Radiophonic Workshop- The First 25 Years’ by Desmond Briscoe and Roy Curtis-Bramwell, 1983, 0-563-20150-9)

  3. Dave Dave

    Inspired by your recent post on Prog music I got this idea in my head to hum “Mars the Bringer of War” along with the Doctor Who theme and found that it syncs up somewhat humorously. It’s humorous because Mars is such an evil song and Delaware is so light and playful. If you change the pace and some of the intervals you could easily make a new song “Mars the Bringer of Delaware” and put it on a blog that matches the ELP album cover.

    Where would you find a blog that looks like that though?

  4. To go off on a tangent, many remixes of the Who theme at link below. There is one in there that’s killer, real bombastic and masculine and powerful, but I heard it several years ago, can’t recall the title, and now it’s buried under many others.

  5. Phil Phil

    Presciently similar to the themes the show used in the 80s – none of which were half as good as Derbyshire’s original, but still.

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