Alien Versus Pooh

March 24th, 2010 | comics talk

ALIEN VERSUS POOH is a webcomic by one "Giant Hamburger." It starts off gentle. Becomes funny. Gets really fucking warped. It is Recommended.


7 Responses to “Alien Versus Pooh”

  1. that…was warped. I loved it!

  2. thank you for sharing this.
    my milk and my milk money flew out of my nose.

  3. FREAKING BRILLIANT. Boy did I need that. Even though Roo was eaten very early on…

  4. The origins of Alien vs. Pooh can be found here:

    You should scroll through the thread to see “The Poohing”… a mashup of Pooh Bear and The Shining. Very cool.

  5. I actually ran across that on Whitechapel yesterday and read it before work. Made my day a much better one than it would have otherwise been.

    And left the the song from “A Blustery Day” on a loop in my head.

  6. […] Vía Warren Ellis me encuentro este tebeo online, obra de Giant Hamburger. Es de difícil descripción, más allá de decir que es raro, muy raro (no más que el resto de cosas en la página web de Godxiliary, que incluye tebeos, música y un poco de todo). […]

  7. – the latest from Giant Hamburger !