The Dreams

Someone called Gaspard Winckler on Twitter pointed me at this page, which has a download link: Delia Derbyshire creating electronic music as backdrop to recordings of people talking about their dreams, broadcast on BBC radio circa 1964.

This programme of sounds and voices is an attempt to re-create in five movements some sensations of dreaming – running away, falling, landscape, underwater and colour. All the voices were recorded from life (by Barry Bermange) and arranged in a setting of pure electronic sounds… Delia’s editing and repetition, together with her dissonant, often terrifying musique concrete soundbeds, make this distinctly uneasy bedtime listening….Her collaborations with the poet and dramatist Barry Bermange for the Third Programme showed her at her elegant best…

2 thoughts on “The Dreams”

  1. Mutant Sounds is a treasure trove. You should look through the archives. A lot of superb, out of print library music and electronica records. Amazing. I downloaded that recording about a year ago. Great stuff.

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