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received goods 23mar10

I am failing at recording all the stuff that’s coming into the office. Which is bad, because my office is a dump and stuff gets lost or forgotten or possibly reproduces in the corners.


As noted a couple of days ago, I’m on a Delia Derbyshire kick again. The TOMORROW PEOPLE CD there contains a bunch of Derbyshire stuff under the name Li De La Russe (she was still under contract to the BBC at the time, and TOMORROW PEOPLE was an ITV show). The red CD is "classic" Radiophonic Workshop, and the bottom one is a broader spectrum, 1958 to 1997.

I’m writing a sequence on Project Drill today which my co-writer indicates as including "the machine that goes ping." Therefore I am playing some of the greatest Machine That Goes Ping music that Britain ever produced.

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  1. You have no idea what envy you have incited in me by showing those three CDs. Even if they can be had via iTunes downloads (I haven’t checked), It’s Just Not The Same. Oh, the hours I’d spend when there were actual record stores, tracking down UK soundtracks. And finding one that was on sale — or better, stupidly mispriced! — was cosmic.

  2. nigredo nigredo

    I got The Tommorow People some weeks ago. Excellent. That BBC Radiophoniic Workshop collection features Delia’s ‘Blue Velis and Golden Sands’, which is lovely.

  3. Michael Kemp Michael Kemp

    hey Warren, have you seen “The Delian Mode” – a short documentary film by Karen Blake – yet? I mail-ordered my copy from Montreal a couple of weeks back – it’s the biz – you can order the DVD and find out more at

  4. Michael Kemp Michael Kemp

    sorry that’s KARA Blake, Not Karen…

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