NEXTWAVE: Ultimate Collection

I got a package of these the other day from Marvel, which I guess means it was published sometime in February. It collects all 12 issues of NEXTWAVE, which were previously released in two 6-issue collections, THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT and I KICK YOUR FACE. Sadly, I wasn’t consulted about the title of this "Ultimate Collection." Otherwise I might have called it KICK SPLODE or WE KILL BEARS FOR YOU or something. Anyway. I presume this is the dominant collection now, as the other two were released a good two or three years ago.

This book won awards, and was singled out for praise as a book for young adults by an American library association. God only knows why.


15 thoughts on “NEXTWAVE: Ultimate Collection”

  1. Coincidentally have been reading the two trades I have – forgot how amazingly good this is. Westside Story references, the skulls for profanity, all the Marvel references. Just top of the game. Add in the art – hopefully we see them again, in some alternate universe.

  2. this was the book that had killer koala bears, no?

    funny story about this: i bought it, amazon shipped it by US Mail, US Mail lost it, Amazon has shipped me a replacement for free.

    me a happy dead koala.
    my koala brain needs beer.


  3. If you already know who Warren Ellis is and don’t have a copy of Nextwave, you are medically wrong and deserve to be kicked down the stairs into a bathtub filled with exploding razor-sharp tramps.

    If you’ve just joined the Warren Ellis party, or have somehow stumbled in here by accident, YOU NEED A COPY NOW. Nextwave is a book composed ENTIRELY OF PURE AWESOME. It is the living embodiment of sentences THAT FINISH IN CAPITAL LETTERS. It is a kung-fu-fighting space-pirate-ninja-jesus made out of grenades KICKING YOU IN THE FACE WITH IT’S SHEER EXPLODEY GOODNESS.

    Buy it. Buy it now. BUY IT NOW.

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