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NEXTWAVE: Ultimate Collection

I got a package of these the other day from Marvel, which I guess means it was published sometime in February. It collects all 12 issues of NEXTWAVE, which were previously released in two 6-issue collections, THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT and I KICK YOUR FACE. Sadly, I wasn’t consulted about the title of this "Ultimate Collection." Otherwise I might have called it KICK SPLODE or WE KILL BEARS FOR YOU or something. Anyway. I presume this is the dominant collection now, as the other two were released a good two or three years ago.

This book won awards, and was singled out for praise as a book for young adults by an American library association. God only knows why.


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  1. Keith Keith

    Because we librarians are a deranged lot, secretly trying to corrupt the youth of the world with exploding bears of death.

  2. Thom Thom

    Coincidentally have been reading the two trades I have – forgot how amazingly good this is. Westside Story references, the skulls for profanity, all the Marvel references. Just top of the game. Add in the art – hopefully we see them again, in some alternate universe.

  3. “They explode! My life has new meaning”- most heartwarming moment in a comic, ever.

  4. Does it have the letter pages? I’ve got the previous collections, but if there are letter pages, I might just spring for this.

  5. nandox nandox

    this was the book that had killer koala bears, no?

    funny story about this: i bought it, amazon shipped it by US Mail, US Mail lost it, Amazon has shipped me a replacement for free.

    me a happy dead koala.
    my koala brain needs beer.


  6. docgerbil1000 docgerbil1000

    If you already know who Warren Ellis is and don’t have a copy of Nextwave, you are medically wrong and deserve to be kicked down the stairs into a bathtub filled with exploding razor-sharp tramps.

    If you’ve just joined the Warren Ellis party, or have somehow stumbled in here by accident, YOU NEED A COPY NOW. Nextwave is a book composed ENTIRELY OF PURE AWESOME. It is the living embodiment of sentences THAT FINISH IN CAPITAL LETTERS. It is a kung-fu-fighting space-pirate-ninja-jesus made out of grenades KICKING YOU IN THE FACE WITH IT’S SHEER EXPLODEY GOODNESS.

    Buy it. Buy it now. BUY IT NOW.

  7. Arsnof Arsnof

    So if someone were to print up stickers and apply those to copies in the bookstore…

  8. Ryan Ryan

    North Dakota still has no mountains.

  9. Christian Otholm Christian Otholm

    Nextwave is what the young need.

  10. “It is the living embodiment of sentences THAT FINISH IN CAPITAL LETTERS”

    This is now my favorite sentence EVER.

  11. MisterSmith MisterSmith

    Nextwave makes me so happy, I actually bought two copies. I think it would be best if everyone did that.

  12. Andrew Andrew

    I tried to order this during Amazon’s “Cheap TPB” fiasco, but it didn’t end up surviving. I’ll pick it up from my LCS soon.

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