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IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Hardcover Reissue

It seems that in late April, IRON MAN: EXTREMIS is being reissued with a "movie cover." Which makes sense, as EXTREMIS artist Adi Granov was visual consultant to both IRON MAN films.


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  1. DJ DJ

    I think, then, to be even, you should write the third movie.

    But only if they let you name it Human Sex Jeep.

  2. Pete Pete

    They should let Warren write the third movie just so they have a chance of some decent villains.

    Batman’s “Rogue’s Gallery” has some truly iconic bad guys. Iron Man has…a bloke with a fixation on alien jewellery. And a guy named Unicorn, because of the conical weapon attached to his head.

    Maybe the problem is that Stark doesn’t have the same hang-up about killing his enemies. Or perhaps it is just an issue with Marvel bad guys as a whole. None of them really stand out, with the exception of von Doom.

    The writing in Extremis was centred on the technology, and not really on the enemies (we had the backstory of how they became disenfranchised, but that was more to show the path that Stark might have taken) so I would love to see Warren take a shot at creating a bad guy for Iron Man that ticks all the boxes.

    -Don’t disfigure them. It is much better when we can’t see the evil coming.
    -Give them good reasons for doing what they do. “I want to destroy the world!” “But…you’ll die too.” “…Oh yeah”. There is nothing so great as a villain you can identify with.
    -Make them equal to the hero. So depressing when the hero just swats them like a bug, or the reverse situation which makes no sense: the villain has the hero beaten, and stands there gloating before walking away, usually with the excuse “it is more cruel to let you live”. No, it is more stupid, evil guy. Ideally, every time the two meet, they should be so evenly matched neither can win, so both need to withdraw and recuperate.

    WE’s Extremis did this even with the villain dying, since it took everything Stark had to kill him. But what if it had been given a longer run? What if the story had allowed us to see more of the villain, identify with him, maybe even agree with some of his ideas?

    Maybe we would get Iron Man movies with better villains than “A guy in the same suit, but bigger, and less well made” and “A BDSM fetishist and the uber-thief/assassin.”

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