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FREAKANGELS Volume 4: The Covers

I think these are out in late June. As ever, the book is released in three different formats.

The paperback:


The hardback:


And the limited-edition signed hardback, wherein you can find a thick black squiggle that is labeled as my signature even though it might have just been a mark made by a squid having a seizure:


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  1. Ben Ben

    on holiday in england this easter, so if waterstones carries this i’ll be able to pick it up.

  2. Drax Drax

    Oh. Oh my. I promised the boss (Satan) that I wouldn’t kiss your ass anymore, but… They’re all gorgeous, WE. Unreal. Each one is fucking beautiful. Well DONE.

  3. Beautiful covers ! I love the art of the trade paperback and it is perfectly in tune with the soties.
    But the cover design for the Limited edition is excellent (maybe a touch of black in the letters for “Freakangels” …). Love it.
    I know it is stupid, but I can’t avoid buying the trades.

  4. Mathew Jensterle Mathew Jensterle

    The paperback cover is astounding. Very much approve.

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