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notebook 22mar10

Delia Derbyshire:

And, yes, I DID already know who Delia Derbyshire was. Sometimes when I post things on here, people have a habit of thinking it’s the first time I’ve heard of whatever I’ve posted. Whereas, sometimes, I’ve been reminded of something, or need to gather material for consideration, and want to collect it all in one place.

Fairly sure I’m going to be writing something involving Derbyshire and her work in the near future.

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  1. Fredrik Fredrik

    The last two work realy nice in sync.

  2. chris chris

    I for one did not know about Delia Derbyshire.
    Thank you, Mr. Ellis.

  3. I’m still gobsmacked by the one you ran here months ago where she says it’s for “research purposes only” and sounded like it was recorded yesterday. She was so ahead of her time. What also gets me is her cool professionalism in all these videos. It’s all effortless and classic British get-it-done. An amazing woman.

  4. I knew about Delia Derbyshire largely because you mentioned her a while back. What I did not know until I found it whilst wandering the internets was that she had been a part of a group called White Noise, whose piece “The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell” is one of the creepiest goddamn things I’ve ever heard. Recorded in 1969, and it makes Marilyn Manson sound like an American Idol washout. So, you know, thanks for that.


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