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Questions Must Be Asked

I have to write a column for WIRED UK and I don’t have a single good idea in my head. And when I went looking for inspiration I found this picture, which appears to be my friend Lisa doing something that I didn’t think my friend Lisa went in for. So I’m going to go away and look for inspiration somewhere else before something yiffy happens to me.


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  1. you realize, of course, that when genetic hacking becomes de rigeur furries are gonna grow this stuff instead of just wear it.

    It’ll be like BME zine, only it’ll be FME zine….

  2. Hey, there could be a perfectly good non-yiffy reason for someone to wear a weasel head in public.

  3. wobbles wobbles

    oh nick, I give it another month until Warren posts a picture of genitalia with animal fur grafted on to it. Probably with staples.

  4. Chick Chick

    I don’t understand what the problem is. It’s always good to meet an emissary from our new overlords…

  5. Anoxia Anoxia

    You bastard… I’m not a furry!


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