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Links for 2010-03-09

  • English Russia: Flight to the Moon
    "In the middle of 50?s authorities of the USSR decided to take their chances and try to dip into the future and make a slide film describing spaceflight of the first Soviet spacecraft that was supposed to be launched in 1975"
    (tags:art space )
  • The Secret Lives Of Objects: StickyBits Turn Barcodes Into Personal Message Boards
    "But what if you could give any physical object a story simply by sticking a barcode on it and appending a message to that barcode? The message could be a photo, a text message, a video, or a voice note. All anyone would need to unlock the message is a phone with a special barcode scanning app."
    (tags:tech spimeworld comms phone )
  • New method to grow arteries could lead to ‘biological bypass’ for heart disease
    A new method of growing arteries could lead to a "biological bypass" -or a non-invasive way to treat coronary artery disease, Yale School of Medicine researchers report with their colleagues in the April issue of Journal of Clinical Investigation.
    (tags:med )
  • Google introduces its Public Data Explorer
    ( — Google's latest release is an application that allows users to create their own interactive, animated graphs and charts using public data such as census data or government statistics on unemployment or mortality rates. The charts and graphs created can then be embedded into web pages
    (tags:web )
  • SXSW 2010: Fieldnotes |
    "The panel?s about post-digital design, or what we could and should be thinking about when we can blend physical and digital formats in new and interesting ways. As part of my own preparations and thinking, I (surprise!) made a book."
    (tags:books pod )

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