The Black Blood Of The Earth

Want a coffee that requires an LD50 statement? The Direktor’s continuing experiments in making the supercondensed, superpowered coffee he’s named The Black Blood Of The Earth never fail to amuse, and the latest update made me smile. He has created coffee that now breaks Science itself.

Subject 3: had several sips of Batch 3 prior to breakfast with two cups of Baker’s Square coffee and followed it with the remainder of the Batch 3 mug upon return. She entered a state of hyperactivity requiring "walkies" outside, rapid speech, and much bouncing from one foot to another prior to complete burnout and crash for a period of an hour. Full recovery was made within three hours…

10 thoughts on “The Black Blood Of The Earth”

  1. Kind words as always.

    Actual GC results will be made available when we find a new machine to work on and, hopefully, not break.

    I look forward to adding you as a Test Subject. From the wordsmithing trade, I have dosed two reporters so far. No report from one, so he may have exploded in an incandescent flash of caffeine, but the other reported more productivity than he has ever had despite wrangling his newborn all night.

  2. I think it’s time to visit the roots of this idea. Time to go to Japan and while nearby drop me off a batch in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh)

  3. Are there apps for test subject in the countries? I hope there are, for being a test subject to pornographic amounts of caffeine can only mean fun. And headaches, but fun, nonetheless.

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