Night Music: Lustmord

March 1st, 2010 | music

For no other reason than that I’ve always loved his work and spoke to him over the twitters briefly earlier this evening: Lustmord, "Immersion."

7 Responses to “Night Music: Lustmord”

  1. I’ve never understood, um, music such as this.

    But seeing it accompanied by those images, now I wonder if that’s what you imagine when you listen? Is that it? Is this stuff like the audio equivalent of Ballard for you?

  2. I stopped reading during the first sentence, sorry

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  4. Jesus. Will you please stop sharing your porn? Look at this, look at this mess I made, now I have to clean it up, holy fucking Christ, you are a beautiful and twisted man, thank you very much, but please give us a warning next time, signed, Apocalypse Is My Favorite Fetish.

  5. “Pat and Leslie have invited me round to see their holiday snaps tonight”
    “Where did they go”
    “Oh…somewhere in Russia I think”

  6. Adore Lustmord^^

  7. >>>I stopped reading during the first sentence, sorry

    Well, look, I grew up with melodies and never progressed past that phase, so cut me a bit of slack. Your interest in it fascinates me because it’s obviously something I simply can’t understand and can’t hear for myself. Although let me say I wound up posting that Comment before hearing it all. I then went back and wow, that climax was creepy as hell.