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Night Music: Lustmord

For no other reason than that I’ve always loved his work and spoke to him over the twitters briefly earlier this evening: Lustmord, "Immersion."

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  1. I’ve never understood, um, music such as this.

    But seeing it accompanied by those images, now I wonder if that’s what you imagine when you listen? Is that it? Is this stuff like the audio equivalent of Ballard for you?

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I stopped reading during the first sentence, sorry

  3. Jesus. Will you please stop sharing your porn? Look at this, look at this mess I made, now I have to clean it up, holy fucking Christ, you are a beautiful and twisted man, thank you very much, but please give us a warning next time, signed, Apocalypse Is My Favorite Fetish.

  4. nadmai nadmai

    “Pat and Leslie have invited me round to see their holiday snaps tonight”
    “Where did they go”
    “Oh…somewhere in Russia I think”

  5. Nikola Nikola

    Adore Lustmord^^

  6. >>>I stopped reading during the first sentence, sorry

    Well, look, I grew up with melodies and never progressed past that phase, so cut me a bit of slack. Your interest in it fascinates me because it’s obviously something I simply can’t understand and can’t hear for myself. Although let me say I wound up posting that Comment before hearing it all. I then went back and wow, that climax was creepy as hell.

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