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Wind Chill

Back at work today, mostly. Wednesday was one long meeting in London in re Project Drill, which will be going to contract soon: we’ve nailed down all five acts and will spend most of March writing it. Thursday was wandering Spitalfields in a state of sleeplessness, dealing with shitloads of admin all night (including stuff on Project Vend, which has snuck up on me) and then bailing out early. Today is writing the end of FREAKANGELS vol 4 and some X-men pages.

Soon I will be able to rest. Hopefully, by the time I can,it will be warm here again. The wind chill is trapping me inside the pub today.

(excuse shit typing, I banged the above out on the phone)

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  1. I can’t decide whether “excuse shit typing” wants to be a t-shirt, or an Edison Hate Future.

  2. Owen Owen

    Berghaus coats – parents got me one of their fleeces for my birthday last year because I work outdoors a lot, after 15 mins I had to take the bloody thing off because it was cooking me. Fantastic piece of kit, though I have since found out, not cheap either.

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