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  1. MHepler MHepler

    There is a picture of Nikola Tesla showing Mark Twain an incandescent lamp on It is the coolest, creepiest, geekiest, most inspiring image I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. Adrian Adrian

    If that letter appeared in my mail, I would do two things in exact order:
    Shit my pants in fear. &
    Give the man fucking money. Specifically if I could commission –lightning tower–.

    So, seconding the letterheaded paper.

  3. I love the letterheads from Hitler on that site as well. I imagine a pick up at the printers: “Ah yes, the order for… ‘Der Fuhrer’… let me see if we have that ready.”

  4. Sam Sam

    Dear Mayor:
    For the city’s consideration: I have devised a way to vaporize all the pigeons. Testing begins tomorrow.


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