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  1. Having never been to Southend, I’m fascinated by the building in the background that seems to be made out of lego.

  2. Matt Matt

    Hmm. Here in Athens, GA we have a tree that owns itself. Causes no trouble, though.

  3. Destrin Destrin

    Don’t you think that new building shaped out of Lego that has cropped up where the old college campus used to be is a bit of an eyesore? Makes it quite intimidating heading into the town centre nowadays. Not that I try to do that very often…there are other people there and everything

  4. I love these depressing attempts to revitalize Southend, like the Council’s branding campaigns (Christmas-on-Sea? Really?!). Somehow rebuilding a shit roundabout is going to supposed to make living here more palatable.

    That Lego building makes me want to self-injure every time I walk by it. If suicides in Southend increase within the next year, we’ll all know why.

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