41 thoughts on “The Most Disturbing Submission Letter Ever (Or Perhaps Just “Yet”)”

  1. Hell, Warren, what sort of people you expected to attract with those “CONAN! WHAT’S BEST IN LIFE?” links?

    But, seriously, this is almost too insane to be real, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a prank letter…

  2. I would hire this man to write this letter over and over again, this is by far one of the funniest pieces of literature I have read in a long fucking time- case in point ” Redneck fucking cripple vigilante dead heads “

  3. Wow, bat shit crazy, and has a good grasp of grammar, spelling and punctuation. except for a few dropped capitals in the last para, this’d get an A+ in yr 11 English.

  4. D’oh! I live in Wisconsin and personally love it here. I think I’d rather have all those serial killers as our representative to the world than this guy. Good grief, what a loon.

  5. Been drunk for three years? You mean you were an alcoholic at 19? I don’t mean this to be sarcastic at all: Fuck, you rock!

    Can I just say that if I were Karen Berger or Dan Didio I would hire this guy on the spot?

  6. mmmmm _ I honestly think the poor guy was trying to make his letter part of his synopsis – does that make sense? Maybe he was ‘in character’ and submitted the letter as a way of demonstrating his incredible talents as a story teller – maybe . . . ish . . . mmmmm.

    . . . . or he was just completely insane.

  7. Hey, I live in Wisconsin. Where’s this crazy scene this guy describes? Despite my younger years being spent as the manager at a gas station in Sheboygan right next to the Outlaws (biker gang) clubhouse and their constant meth selling, I never saw anything like this guy describes.

    I want to go to his crazy Wisconsin. Just to check it out. Then I’ll go back home.

    Long live the Batman.

  8. I’d totally buy this, kinda like Scalped outside of the Rez, don’t you think?
    Anyway, I like the bands he mentions, specially the Beasties. Anyone here have idea which Green Arrow comics he refers to when mentioning them?

  9. I thought it was a pitch for a story and he was just getting in character for it. That never really materialized. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was somebody’s idea of a joke.

  10. I would totally read a series written by this guy. This is amazing. At the very least he should have a blog, or even better would be an AM radio show.

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