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While Being Choked By A Golden Snake

This is my friend Ryan Keely posing with her preferred plane reading before boarding at Vegas airport. You know it makes sense.

This is warren ellis dot com. Good morning


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  1. Owen Owen

    Spiders on a Plane … sorry it’s my week off, time on the hands an’all

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    They’re still on night shoots, I think. The night I was there, he spent all fucking night being slammed from a great height into a desk. If he didn’t sleep on the plane, then the poor bastard probably hadn’t slept at all, and had probably been doing heavy physical stuff all night.

  3. Tyler Tyler

    a painful reminder of how desperately i want rerelease vol. 6-10 to be out. it’s killing me

  4. grnr grnr

    just after the xmas pants-bomber incident when they were searching everyone’s hand luggage at the gates i had ‘Black Summer’ with me for a flight to the USA. the old ‘man covered in blood and surrounded by bodies in the oval office’ cover did get me a very strange look – good thing they were very overworked, could have gone very badly for me!

  5. The words “fear” and “loathing” spring to mind.

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