Heavy Winged

John Twells (Xela) just mentioned them on twitter, so I looked them up, and then I found this:

The MySpace page I linked also has lots to listen to. It’s like, remember how you didn’t really like deconstructed experimental postrock anymore? Well, actually, yeah, you do.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Winged”

  1. It bops along nicely but I don’t understand the use of the term ‘experimental’ these days as it seems to mean making it up as you go along with some strange noises thrown in. Next to what The Misunderstood did for a brief period over forty years ago this is rather middle of the road.

    I know we’re taught at school to show our working but a lot of folks could perhaps try the approach of Edgar Varese who kept his experiments to his studio until he was ready to release music, or organised sound as he put it, that no one else had ever thought of or heard.

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