10 thoughts on “Mistakes In Food”

  1. You ordered Montreal smoked meat *where*? Oh dear. Pearson Airport must be contacted before they assassinate any more national delicacies. Still, what would you expect from the fish and chips at Heathrow?

  2. reminds me of the famous british rail ham sandwich, with one and a half slices of ham , the half slice laid down the middle of the sandwich so when cut it looks like 2 full slices. genius

  3. As a Canadian living in Toronto I can say…please don’t judge to smoked meat via what you got at the Toronto airport. Montreal smoked meat is best bought in Montreal. It probably doesn’t taste like it has been sitting in the bowels of a dead man for twelve days.

    The sandwich looks like it has.

  4. Ha HA! Oh dear. You poor lovely colonialist. I’m so sorry that you ate that.

    I’m pretty sure that wasn’t intended to be a food item and is either a joke or a prank. I don’t think an airport in Toronto is likely to have actual Montreal smoked meat. I fear you may have essentially eaten a rubber chicken sandwich. The Canadian flag in a French Canadian delicacy should have been your tip off.

    As a Canadian, I’m sorry you were tricked into eating toilet food, especially since you were just an innocent bystander in this.
    As a scientist, I’m wondering what happened to you ingested that.
    As a photographer, I’d like carefully taken images of the results.

    If you ever come to Montreal, I’ll happily furnish you with a list of places I think you’d find quite delightfully attend to your meaty desires.

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