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Field Operations


(Matt Jones)

Home. At least for a while.

It may finally be time I ascribed Project Names to things, so that I’m not continually referring to them as That Thing I Can’t Talk About #34. But this will inexorably lead to assigning codenames to the related players.

So, I could say that I must meet Agent J next week in pursuit of Project Drill, and then sit down with Agent L and a tv company about Project Plato… and I will have largely preserved the required secrecy. But I will have also made myself look like a knob.

Home for a while, anyway. Decompressing after travel, catching up with the world, following up on email and keeping abreast of various career strangenesses. This year’s been a real rollercoaster so far, and it’s not even February.

In other news, the role of Publisher at DC Comics has apparently been split between five people. I am reminded of when the role of Editor-In-Chief at Marvel was split between five editors. The kindest thing they were called was "the five families of New York," GODFATHER-style. It did not end well. One hopes things will go better for these people. I must admit some surprise that Diane Nelson appointed five guys. Also, that the Five Swell Guys are really considered managers and doctors of the extant library, rather than generators of new IP: Jim Lee hasn’t created a new property since 1997, I think Geoff Johns has only one created property in his oeuvre. I think there’s a definite signal that the next few years are all about exploiting the library and managing what they’ve already got, rather than generating new IP. Which may well turn out to be a smart move, I dunno. I’m far from the smartest guy in the room about this sort of thing, as the clear visibility of the light smear of brackish water in the bottom of my bank account can attest. Still, I like Jim and Dan DiDio immensely (I’ve only met Geoff Johns once, very briefly, and for all I know that nice-guy smile was hiding a small chunk of baby melting under his tongue), and I wish them all the best in a gig that is, frankly, not going to be the easiest job in the world.

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  1. anon anon

    “This year’s been a real rollercoaster so far, and it’s not even February.”
    Are you sure about that…?

  2. Forget that noise – as long as you can stay away from American Military Operation style names (Project Eagle Claw, Operation Steel Wind, Project Mangle Foreigners, Operation Stiff Penis, etc.) – you can assign pseudo-names without sounding like a jackass.

  3. Illogic Illogic

    @Anon: Time is subjective.

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