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Links for 2010-02-19

  • Week 245 ? Blog ? BERG
    PROJECT LANGUAGE: "During the development of Shownar… we found ourselves having to refer very precisely to weird abstract concepts that arose from the data. To have conversations without misunderstandings, we made up words and put a long dictionary on the wall with the title ?Teach yourself Dutch.? Because for some reason the project lingo got called Dutch. It?s not really Dutch. It?s English. But to an English speaker listening in on us talking in this lingo, it wouldn?t be comprehensible. El Morro has its own Dutch. Dutch, the project lingo, is never just a shorthand. It expresses things that, eventually, cannot be fully expressed in regular English. It ends up having its own grammar, and members of the team end up having to become fluent speakers of it…"
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  • Pontone Spectral Cassettes, Vol. 3 | Pontone
    "in which in we present our favourite tracks from ?balearic bliss-drone?/?nu age noise?/?oceanic synth noise? scene." Sound from a warm zone. Downloadable or streaming. Via Simon Reynolds' BLISSBLOG.
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