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Station Ident: This Is Warren Ellis Dot C0m

My name is Warren Ellis. I’m a writer. And I’m just back from ten days on the road. Ten days that were much weird, much glorious, and much creative.

And I just saw this. Artist Eliza Gauger by artist Bethalynne Bajema.


This is Warren Ellis dot com, broadcasting from now until I die.

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  1. * Dream * * Dream *

    The Tower:in the tarot when The Tower appears it’s time to change or to decide how you would like to change,but simply a time to release the old.It sometimes also means a sudden change in your life coming out of the blue.It all might look like a disaster.But with the usable bricks that come from the falling Tower you build something lasting.It could also mean a sudden change in relations or a change of job.How come Mr Ellis that your eye did catch this card in particular?It’s a very powerful one…Sudden change,total madness and building something new in the end of the good what is left…

  2. Because I am fucking AMAZING, that’s why.

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