23 thoughts on “While I Was Away”

  1. Please license something like this, It would be amazing!(Until it gos off while your SO is there and calls them a Squirrel molester or some such.

  2. Its about the small things really. He took the effort to make sure that it actually resembled the specs from Transmet. I can respect that. I would also purchase this for my guest bedroom. I do not like guests.

  3. This is the kind of thing that seems awesome on paper, but knowing my temper in the morning I would end up hating you if I had an alarm clock like that…and that just seems wrong.

  4. Want. btw, and certainly no purview of yours, but fyi and all that kinda thing – the ceramic travel mugs at the TOTW Cafe Press store LEAK LIKE A SIEVE – which is disappointing, after having if shipped to Japan. The regular mugs and Tshirts are teh awesome, though. I await my alarm clock.

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