While I Was Away

February 18th, 2010 | daybook

This happened:

I need to sleep off some jet travel. See you in the morning.

23 Responses to “While I Was Away”

  1. Now the question is when are you going to sell them????? Because me likey and me wantsy…

  2. Wow. Now I know what to use my Arduino for!

    The hard part will be tricking Warren into reading off fifty or so wake-up messages.

  3. Well lubed juice-boxes is exactly how i think of my fellow man

  4. I would gladly purchase one of these.

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  6. Right, so when are you licensing this?

  7. Please license something like this, It would be amazing!(Until it gos off while your SO is there and calls them a Squirrel molester or some such.

  8. Its about the small things really. He took the effort to make sure that it actually resembled the specs from Transmet. I can respect that. I would also purchase this for my guest bedroom. I do not like guests.


  10. Now that is a truly disturbing thought.

  11. those would sell like hot cakes after the fat camp revolution

  12. WANT. ONE. NOW.

  13. I’m sure no one who is your fan WOULDN’T want one. Hell, I’d buy two!

  14. Now is it scary or a marketing opportunity?

  15. …I’ll take twenty.

  16. Where can I get one of those alarm clocks?

    We need soundbytes and a clock, people.
    We need to make this happen!

  17. Well, if it was good enough for Mr Fry…


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  19. I’m trying to think of something better than a Warren Ellis voiced satnav now.

  20. Love. Want. NEED.

  21. This is the kind of thing that seems awesome on paper, but knowing my temper in the morning I would end up hating you if I had an alarm clock like that…and that just seems wrong.

  22. Yeah, I think the world needs the Ellis alarm clock.

  23. Want. btw, and certainly no purview of yours, but fyi and all that kinda thing – the ceramic travel mugs at the TOTW Cafe Press store LEAK LIKE A SIEVE – which is disappointing, after having if shipped to Japan. The regular mugs and Tshirts are teh awesome, though. I await my alarm clock.