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IGNITION CITY: The Graphic Novel

The collected edition of IGNITION CITY is out this week, I guess. FLASH GORDON via DEADWOOD, if you like. I had fun writing this.

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  1. Holy CRAP.

    You gotta warn us before you post art like that.

    Happy Homemaker hint: Pipe cleaners are great for cleaning drool from the nooks and crannies of computer keyboards.

  2. Raggi Raggi

    Lovely art! And if it’s anything like Deadwood then I’ll def. have a look.

  3. Kenn Kenn

    What? No hardcover? I’ll read it to pieces in a few years.

  4. Omega Male Omega Male

    I had fun reading it. Keep up the good work because all that’s left is reality and reality is boring.

  5. Is this what I want to get if I’ve never had an Ignition City in my hand? I’m warming up to comics but the serial format makes the lazy me itchy.

  6. Joel Joel

    I loved this series. The Old West with rayguns and rockets. Anymore Ignition City in our future?

  7. SonOfCann SonOfCann

    Just got my HC copy today. Didn’t know my there would have any signed ones, to my surprise my local comic book store, knowing I’m an avid fan of yourself, had kept the only signed copy aside for me. Was having a stinker of a day, that cheered me right up!

    I hope that little Volume 1 at the bottom means I should be reading a volume 2 later this year.

  8. Will Will

    I notice it says Volume I. Is Volume II in the works, or just possibly somewhere down the road?

  9. I’ve already ordered my copy of this from Amazon. This was a great comic, Ellis. But from the way you talked about it, it sounded as though sales were weak. Is there still a chance of a second series, or is this all the Ignition City you plan to write?

  10. Richard C. Richard C.

    Reality is fine – there’s stuff to read.

  11. Kenn — there is a hardcover edition, also out this week.

  12. Dennis Dennis

    SPECTACULAR cover. This thing will sell mighty fast, methinks.

  13. Jake Jake

    Awesome series, hope you write a sequel.

  14. Andy Andy

    Probably my favourite standalone thing you’ve done so far.

    And, fuck me, that is one hot cover.

    Got it in comics; will get it collected for a mate.

    Cheers, dude.

  15. So are there any plans for a volume 2? I really don’t want to see this series go the way of Fell or Planetary where we have to wait years between entries.

  16. Jeroen Jeroen

    Weh heh paardenlul.
    Greetings from Holland Mr.Ellis!

  17. Rey Rey

    Why are they staring at those ViewSonic birds in the corner of my monitor?

  18. Kurt Jacobson Kurt Jacobson

    Can’t wait for the next story Arc.

  19. brett brett

    awesome work loved it from start to finish hope more is to come.
    also picked up a copy of bad world,we dont half live on a bizarre little rock.i highly recommend anything that comes from the pen warren ellis

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