Today I am 42. I am thousands of miles from home and far from loved ones. I start the day’s round of work meetings in an hour, and won’t finish for another twelve hours, at which point I will return to an empty hotel room.

But today I am warm, there is sunlight, I am more relaxed about things than I have been in years, all the aches and pains collected over the last several months have melted away, and life is good.

42? Not so bad.

Have a good day, people.

80 thoughts on “42”

  1. 42? Frigging youngsta!

    Keep writing. Hit the world with it until says uncle and makes you king of all media.

    * * *

    To be honest, the only thing that I dread about turning 50 in two years is that first colonoscopy.

  2. I’m way too late, but my birthday wishes will hopefully still be appreciated, or at least will spare me a whipping or something! I hope the birth/work day was a nice one, cheers!

  3. I sent my well wishes via Twitter and would have done so here to, but the number of Comments was “stuck” at 42 for the longest time and I didn’t want to upset that nice synchronicity.

    So, a day later, you’re now a day older. Congratulations.

  4. Happy birthday, Internet Jesus. I suppose this means February 16th is Internet Christmas.

    And Owl Operator, he’s only 6*7 years of age. Learn maths.

  5. Happy birthday, Warren Ellis. I have enjoyed your work for years (Spider is still a top read). My 40ith was the seventh. You’re right about the aging. The pains don’t last that long now. Again, congadulations and ‘thanks’ for years of proper reading and new art introduction.

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