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Parts Unknown

Any of you guys in the San Diego area?

Taking some recharge time. It’s going to be a hard weird run to summer, and I need a bit more in the tank than I’ve got. I feel almost like I should write a BERG-style Weeknote, since I’m engaged on Sekrit Missionz as well as sleeping half of every day. BERG do this lovely thing where they attach codenames to projects and work sequences — they were in Escalante condition, but are now in Scenario 4 condition, and it really gives you an insight into their eccentric science-fiction-reality work culture. (By “eccentric,” I do of course mean “quite mad” but the difference between eccentrics and lunatics is that eccentrics get paid.)

(Scenario 4 always makes me think of Alternative 3.)

I dunno. How would I describe the space from here to early summer? The world is more interesting than ever. I mean, every new day is intrinsically more interesting than the last, but I’m really feeling the spin of the planet lately.

Pretty picture by Cassandra:

There’s a degree of spin-up happening all over. Eric Rodenbeck;

I’ve been feeling for some time now that the data visualization space is about to go completely bananas

Talking about this, a live visualisation of Olympic-related Twitter chatter. Coincidental for me, because I just started following The Economist’s data-viz vodcast. And one of BERG’s current projects is all about data-viz. There’s some rattle and hum in a dozen weird little spaces like that right now. Last year felt like a holding pattern to me in many ways (not least in my work, after the disaster that the last half of 2008 turned into). This year might be good. Striking out for parts unknown.

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  1. >>>Alternative 3

    Oh yes, even I know of that, here in the States. From when I was on a buying spree of weird/UFO/parapsychology paperbacks (back when such paper artifacts had *sane* prices — in the 1970s!). I knew it only as a book. Then I finally just last year got to see the insane “documentary” that aired over there ages ago, either via YouTube or Veoh. The gag was blown for me as soon as I saw Shane Rimmer. No way they could have disguised Scott Tracy to me!

    Glad to hear you’ve got new horizons ahead, Warren. I can’t wait to see the new stuff that’s coming. Best of success!

  2. Kat Kat

    It’s strange that they haven’t included the tweets about the Olympic Protests in Vancouver.

  3. Templesmith Templesmith

    Cheers all for the amazing response. We found the cat. He’s now been renamed “Little Bastard” thanks the heart attacks induced.

  4. Being in the San Diego and perpetually later for the party; I’m all kinds of curious about that ex-photo from Flicker. What have I missed?

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