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February 10th, 2010 | daybook

Down in Toronto. From the air, the city looks a bit like Oslo today: from the air, in winter, Oslo is a vast manic sketch done in faded black Indian ink on clean white paper. On the ground, there seems to be a lot of construction. My hotel room view, in fact, is of construction: yellow gating, plastic-wrapped columns, treated wooden boards gathering snow. A Korean couple in parkas peering up at the great black and white crane that seems to be turning around a lot without actually doing anything. Pointing up at it and laughing. Are there crane joyriders who just climb in and take them for a spin?

Now I need to catch up with the last nine hours of the world, and write a couple of columns.

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  1. There’s always a lot of construction going on in Oslo, all year round. It’s more like a perpetual box of lego more than it is a city, really.

  2. Wow…I frakkin’ LOVE Toronto.

    Ok. Hi, my name’s Eric and I visited Toronto once in 2001 and I fell in love with that city. I’m from Boston, MA USA and it’s as if NYC & Beantown successfully mated. I loved the Subway, I’ve never owned a car…I got a wickid decent subway system and I like how you can just get around Downtown easily Toronto. Wayne Gretzky’s place had the BEST HAMBURGER. No lie. And all the hot dog vendors…amen & hallelujah. I love Toronto. If only I coulda gone to a Leafs game…but I did go to two Blue jays games. And dinner in the CN Tower…you can see Buffalo from there. It’s like flying. And it rotates.

    It’s Cold. Stay In. Plenty of places to Pub in Toronto. Gawd love you and all your pink parts too… Canadian Girls. Beer…Gawd Exists…but iDigress…

  3. yes there are, or sort of there are, they don’t seem to turn them on to pick pedestrians up off the street by the collar or anything.

    see: http://www.nopromiseofsafety.com/?p=843
    lots of fun UE pictures and the like there from the midwestern US.

  4. Crane joyriders just makes my day and thinking about the potential of building sites in that light is crazy – dumper truck boyracers?

  5. Sounds like Toronto to me.

  6. The exact same parts that are under construction now have been under construction for years and years with what seems like no progress. I’m starting to suspect that it’s a front for some horrible big budget hockey-themed porn event.

  7. “…the last nine hours of the world…” Now there’s an idea! Good whiskey and sleep… SLEEP?!?… to you Mr Ellis.

  8. Winter + Construction + Pedestrians = Canada. Welcome. ;)

  9. @rev sully: I was just there in January, and was advised to avoid Wayne Gretzky’s like the plague, along with pretty much anything within 5 blocks of the CN Tower. Made getting dinner an adventure!

  10. Home sweet home…

  11. I saw that local residents called the cops yesterday, thinking a gunfight on the ‘Red’ set was the real thing. So that’s going well, then.

  12. Sounds like Dallas today!

  13. No doubt some of my fellow-Torontonians saw Warren on set and tried to alert the Mounties.

  14. I’m going to be mighty pissed if we don’t get a photo of Warren next to Helen Mirren.

    Sniper rifle optional.


  15. Sounds a lot like the delta chelsea where I was staying in Toronto last week, its a fun city sometimes though!