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Hysterical Comics

The essential connective tissue between a Sixties Stan Lee Everyone! Shouts! Like! This! comic and a 2010 Geoff Johns wall-to-wall evisceration corpseoramavision comic is hysteria. Yelling, shrieking, squirting hysteria. The latter has turned out to be the natural evolution of the former.

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  1. I’ve viewed it as the Silver Age passed through the 90s filter. The 90s filter seems to remove all aspects of whimsy from whatever passes through it. We know have the Superfriends as douches in George Romero Imagines the DC Universe.

  2. fod_xp fod_xp

    Marvel/DC it’s all the same shit.

    Let’s do ZOMBIES! BUT WAIT!!!!111!

    They’re “‘SuperZOMBIES'” HOW @#!$ing awesome are we!!!!11!!11

    Also, don’t get me started on Marvel’s “Heroic Age,” which is just a fancy title for “We just spent 7 to 9 years doing a massive fuck-fest with the events, only so they re-establish the same kind of books when this mess started.”

  3. I think DC should grow a pair and literally end their entire universe, all books in the superhero continuity at least, and just start over. Maybe they could make their books make sense then. Nah, they’d fuck that up, too.

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