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  1. Jeromy Jeromy

    Toronto forecast for February 10: 1-3 cm of snow.-5 C.

    Welcome back to Canada sir.

  2. tobot tobot

    my goodness this is geeky but is that the line into liverpool street? i think i recgonise it

  3. Liz Liz

    Well if its on this end, good luck. If its Toronto end, no problems :p

  4. DrFunfrock DrFunfrock

    So is there any place / time that us Torontonians might be albe to ambush you during your brief foray into our frozen wasteland?

  5. So *you’re* to be blamed for the snow! *shakes fist in impotent rage*

    Should be all ploughed and salted by the time you land though, 6″ isn’t enough to get us into a tizzy here in the Colonies.

  6. Nate Nate

    First class? You overprivileged bastard :(

  7. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    No, I eat dry bread and drink ditchwater when I get home, honestly

  8. The view along an urban train line is the same everywhere, it seems; if it weren’t for the weird looking ties (sleepers) that could be many spots along the Long Island Railroad.

  9. kstop kstop

    I think I saw a snowflake today on Spadina today, but it might have been trash.

  10. I reckon that is taken on a C2C train somewhere very near Barking

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