19 thoughts on “Station Ident: Add Your Own Caption”

  1. Workers at Russian Nuclear Research Site #4 maintain the supercooled ice piles over the Geothermic Reactor on the island of Natyurik. The dome visible in the picture is one of the heat exchangers used to generate power.

  2. And thus the Mighty Warren was Born- not from the Womb of a Woman, but the Womb of the very Tundra itself. Fear His Beard, for it Crackles with the Icicles of Knowledge and Grows with the Permafrost of Certain Doom.

  3. Colleagues bury man stationed at arctic research base who cracked a “what ever happened to global warming?” joke every morning for the past 5 years.

  4. – “My car is under here somehwere”
    – “America has officially lost its war on drugs as the great coke mountains of columbia continue to grow”
    – “Today on National Geographic’s exploration of the sex of lives of prominent republicans we witness a threesome between two interns and Anne Coulter. They are currently attempting to penetrate the permafrost just outside her vagina. Well Bob, it looks like they have their work ahead of them”.

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