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  1. That could catch on as a retro-trendy way to moblog.

    incidentally no one says shut up anymore.

    liked the tunes you posted earlier-friends in a band (Ned Devines, Irish music, cool peeps) go up to NC every year to learn more about Appalachian music and how to preserve the craft.

    ok then. carry on.

  2. Josh Josh

    This reminds me, didn’t you use a pen scanner before, for scanning lines of text? Was that my imagination?
    Did it work?

    I was thinking about it because I’m looking for a way to scan quotes from books into Evernote. I can take a picture like you did up there, but I’d rather just scan it in, and then upload to Evernote.

    Also, you might want to look for some of the camera apps that attempt to allow longer exposures with the iPhone camera. One uses the accelerometers to not allow the picture to be taken until your the phone is steady enough.

  3. Owen Owen

    Good job you wrote it in code so no-one will know what you’re actually up to :)

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I know, right? Heh.

  5. Code? What code? Its all right there in felt tip and cream:
    comics definition is: superman a rabbi and simon walk in to a bar called the culture krunch and doc sausage does the pulp…Really, Warren.

    That’s just twisted. Please print page two a little neater.

  6. Josh, isn’t Evernote doing automatic OCR on pics you upload?
    IIRC you don’t need to scan it yourself.

  7. Tek Tek

    OH MY GOD!

    We have VERY SIMILAR handwriting.

    I, too, cannot read what I just wrote half the time!

    *unrelated- I just ate and I feel like I need to vomit which reminds me that the sandwich I ate on the plane last night had a savory filling which tasted like reconstituted vomit*

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