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Field Holler


"Field Holler" is the opening piece off the above album, a collection of recordings of the Appalachian tradition ranging from 1944 to 2002. You can listen to more, and buy it, at this link here. There are several gems therein, but "Field Holler" is the one that haunts me. It has some spectral relationship with music I’ve heard from the Solomon Islands, with Bayaka music, with Clive Powell’s rendition of "Reed Sodger." There’s something ancient about it, something that speaks to blood.


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  1. EH EH

    I was just downloading some Roscoe Holcomb and some Buell Kazee the other day and I noted to my flatmate that something about the strange, high-pitched whining tones of bluegrass and mountain music from the Appalachias seems to fit being holed up in your room drawing comics and slowly going mad.

    Something about the isolation and the pre-technological feel of it.

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