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I Am Blank Reg

If you go here, you will find a thread full of new webcomics to read.

Travel prep: charging things up and shutting things down. My message board will be rigged to low-power configuration over the weekend. Have dismissed the idea of buying MiFi devices while in Canada and America and just tying several to my body to maintain mobile broadband wireless connectivity while travelling. Filling the mp3 player — people keep asking, so it’s a Sony NWZX-1060 32GB, audio quality staggeringly better than any Apple device and more usable than the equivalent Cowon device. And, yes, I’ve compared them. Travel, these days, is all about charging devices up. And then those lovely fifteen minutes in the departure lounge when I shop for a book for the flight. Ebooks are all very well for some situations, but for a plane, I want a nice non-volatile storage medium ("It’s very rare. You should ’ave one") that doesn’t require electricity.

My friend Templesmith was once asked to do samples for a DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? adaptation project (not the one from Boom! that I wrote an introduction to). Looky:


With a bit of luck, I’ll be seeing Templesmith in a couple of weeks for Scheming.

…is it seriously -2 in Toronto?

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  1. I’m doing the shut down/charge up thing too. I’m hitting about 1/3 of the Florida counties, west coast. LOVE holding my books (not really a euphemism but kinda sounded like one)on a plane..

    not that you needed to know that. but i think I’m compelled to share because its the equivalent of nervous chatter that occurs when you see things that may make androids dream of electric therapists if they innocently open the Conan link.

    In a totally unrelated bit of query, isn’t your birthday coming soon? Happy birthday. :)

    And, it is not -2 in any county in Florida. Hoorah.

    I’ll miss your twittery greeting tide charm AM/PM

    Safe & Productive Travels~
    PS. So-whats on that big bad MP3 anyway?

  2. Ruth Ruth

    Don’t forget to take the windchill into account! Usually that’s another -5 to -10 degrees.

  3. Owen Owen

    Haha, you think -2’s bad, last week it was -22C (without the wind chill) over most of Ontario. I felt like Mother Nature punched me in the face whenever I stepped outside.

  4. Same with me. Digital Luggage takes so much more time to pack than the analog one.

  5. Richard- Richard-

    Damn cold in Toronto and smokers are forced outside and to step away from building entrances. Could be considered a frozen form of Hell. But then Toronto is relatively warm compared to most of Canada.

  6. I miss Max Headroom. There, I said it.

  7. -2 sure, it’s f*cking cold that’s all you need to know.

  8. -13°C this morning; stay in your hotel room, let people come to you seeking audience where they can bask in the heady scent of smoke and sheer manliness.

    Alternatively you could use “I was unable to smoke without freezing my bollocks off.” as an excuse for going postal.

  9. Romeo Romeo

    -2 is bloody warm for this time of year… and Toronto at it’s coldest is still warmer then the rest of this frozen wasteland of a country.

  10. wally wally

    Mmmm. Bring on the Alpha-Betti Spaghetti.

  11. I love that even Apple fanboys daren’t even start with Warren Ellis ;)

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