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  1. hng23 hng23

    I looked at the link and thought to myself, Self, do you really want to clickety click? You know what’s gonna be behind the cut. And I clicked it anyway, because, you know, I can resist anything but the temptation to click, and sure enough, there it was. Jesus. I think I’ll skip lunch today.

  2. Rock Ripsnort Rock Ripsnort

    Whosever member that is, is totally forked.

  3. Brad Brad

    I’m sure i’d be rightly disgusted if I could figure out exactly what I was looking at.

  4. Linda Linda

    Yargh… I could not have been properly prepared to see that. I will now walk around, away from my computer, wincing.

  5. Unlikelyname Unlikelyname

    Yeah… No. I… no. Its a great big wide wonderful internet out there, with something for everyone. Changing topic entirely, does anyone know a good place to shop for eye-bleach and Ret-Con?

  6. Lazarus99 Lazarus99


  7. Alec Lamson Alec Lamson

    See, my reaction was different. I’ve been watching Ellis for years now, so I understand that he posts these things to remind us how TRULY! FUCKED! UP! some branches of the human family are.

    I still wish I could hate you to death, Ellis. One day…

  8. Mallinz Mallinz

    Wow.Classic example of shmuck bait.

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