23 Responses to “Conan! What Is Best In Life?”



  3. Glazing refers to this…practice?

  4. …but if it was glass, it’d fog up like whoa wouldn’t it?

  5. When do we get a window into the lower intestine?

  6. Do. Not. Understand. At All.

  7. It’s a pyrex plug. Which explains the name (glazing) and the mechanics.

    Not that I needed to know this, but now I do.

    I know, I click the link, I have only myself to blame.

  8. Daniel: Wait.


  9. …why?

    just, why???

  10. We need some video of that! Urgent!

  11. Guess she needed something to remind her not to fall on her face. Probably won’t work.

  12. Now that’s just an infection waiting to happen.

  13. Okay…

    Not to keen on the usual BMezine nonsense, but this looks rather cool.

  14. I’m going to go with an evil plot by the American Dental Association to get more people to floss.

    Also, i am happy to note that this is labeled “researchmaterial” and not “warrencontemplates” or something horrid such as that…..

  15. has: All I have to say is “ick”

  16. …always with a smile at the ready, or a grin

  17. ‚Äúresearchmaterial” for the internet Jesus is “nightmare fuel” for us mere mortals till it shows up in doctor sleepless…

  18. Someone’s gonna have a drinking problem…

  19. You could get double glazing and keep a surprise goldfish in there.

  20. I seriously find this more disturbing than the whole genital mutilation/customization thing. Probably says something about my state of mind…

  21. It’s made all our lives that little bit more interesting and is therefore A Good Thing.

  22. Just screams “I NEED ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!”

  23. Is it just me, or if you’re going to have a window installed in your face, shouldn’t you have whitened your teeth first?