Station Ident: Bugger Me, It’s

February 4th, 2010 | researchmaterial

Warren Ellis dot com. Good afternoon. And this is the work of my "friend" Chip Zdarsky.


You’re welcome.

3 Responses to “Station Ident: Bugger Me, It’s”

  1. It’s slobbering time …

  2. […] otro orden de cosas, Warren Ellis comparte con todos nosotros el anuncio falso de arriba. En su web, claro. Hay días en los que, Dios, amo […]

  3. IMPORTANT PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: contrary to this subject heading, it is not advisable to bugger Warren Ellis. This subject heading was a typographical error (“typo”) and should be disregarded.

    Also, Garfield in a bikini: ewww. But you knew that.