WEIRD TALES/Molly Crabapple

February 1st, 2010 | people I know

Molly’s cover for a forthcoming issue of WEIRD TALES.


5 Responses to “WEIRD TALES/Molly Crabapple”

  1. Nice cover, Molly!
    So I guess I can now reveal that I did 3 black and white illustrations for one of the lead stories in this issue. And where did they find my artwork to contact me? Right here on Whitechapel.

  2. OK, that grabs me. Must read.

  3. Lovely. Creepy. Me want.

  4. Awesome. It’d be nice to see this magazine recapture its prominence, but I doubt it’ll happen in the modern day.

  5. very nice. hope it keeps the quality inside as well