There’s actually an umlaut over the o in Gjoll, but I’m working on the fly here and can’t reproduce it quickly on this keyboard. So, Gjoll. MySpace page. New doom ambience from Reykjavik. Longtime readers know I have a fondness for Icelandic music. Thanks to Bob Cluness for tipping me to them. You can find their work on eMusic and iTunes. Listen to this wintry ritual music:

10 thoughts on “Gjoll”

  1. I’m sorta glad to know there are sub-genres of ambient music. People just put it to the side like it’s some weird mutant baby. Good to know.

  2. For your future reference: if there’s an umlaut and you can’t write it properly for whatever reason, it is fully acceptable (in german, and I would imagine it applies to icelandic as well) to place an e after the letter instead: Gjoell is the same thing as Gjöll.

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