Conan! What Is Best In Life?

January 30th, 2010 | Work


What is best in life? That moment when your too-curious friend takes their goddamn fingers out of there, I would imagine.

14 Responses to “Conan! What Is Best In Life?”

  1. You know, my Internet tolerance is pretty high, but I should really know better than to read Conan posts durring dinner.

  2. WHY did I look? WHY? I’ll tell you why, I missed “Conan” in the title.

  3. Oh dear god. Not even gloves.

  4. And I thought the pasta I ate went down nicely.

  5. Oh, that’s so tame compared to your usual, Warren. And it’s great for “docking”!

  6. Goodness. I don’t even HAVE one of those, and that looks uncomfortable. 0.o;

    Thank you, Warren- for increasing the amount of stuff that I kind of wish I didn’t know. ^^;

  7. I love how this is categorized as “Work”.

  8. We laughed our asses off… then had to try to re-attach. Classic!

  9. ARRGGG!…Oh god make it stop…

  10. My expression remains as it was when I first saw the picture. It’s the ‘holding back vomit’ look that everyone has at James Blunt gigs. Damn you.

  11. I always look and I’m always sorry.
    Via another site, I just came across the Tumblr of the owner and publisher of BMEzine and I’m having a little trouble putting the two together. Then again, I’m pretty old.
    SFW and far, far from gagworthy:

  12. circumcision might help.

  13. You know… I remember basically crawling out of my chair in horror the first time I saw a Conan post. That one didn’t even make me twitch, and I can’t really say it was any less unwholesome. I’m pretty sure you’ve succeeded in destroying the last of my humanity, Ellis.

  14. Christ, I really should know better by now…dear god, the veins…