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Been Around Too Long

First off, a favour for a friend. LONDON PEOPLE: my friend Rachael Gray, who is @Fauxred on twitter and blogs here, needs an internship. She designs shoes and latex clothing. Knows a lot about art, materials, and design. Twitter at her or ping her at her blog. This was a public service announcement for someone I’ve known since she was fifteen, which is kind of appalling for either of us to think about.

And now: SCIENCE!


Photo by Matt Jones of BERG, who are apparently now engaged in deciding who gets to live when the Earth is destroyed.

Today in things I can’t talk about: yeah, that’s getting fucking annoying, isn’t it? Apparently a one-page pitch I wrote was well-received, and next month I have to sit down with some TV people and explain through interpretive dance that I’m actually responsible enough to be given money to write something. Wrote an episode of FREAKANGELS last night, need to write another one today while picking at a treatment I had a conceptual breakthrough on earlier in the week and doing a redraft of a short script I didn’t submit because it’s still not funny enough or tight enough. If I had any hair left, I’d be pulling it out today.

And, of course, time’s ticking now, because I’m going to be away for a chunk of February.

Oh, and another, small deal has been inked with a film company regarding one of my books, but I doubt any announcement on that will pop until next month.

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Vieceli residencies on Whitechapel are into their last day.

Information, tips, projects, sekrit messages and dirty photos can be sent to my public email address warrenellis [at] gmail dot com, which gets checked every day or two.

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