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Sucking Sap From The Internet

These intended viral teasers have been showing up on YouTube since the end of last year, apparently. I just fell over them today. Some people say it’s Xtina, some people say it’s Goldfrapp. There is a flavour of Floria Sigismondi in places.

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  1. well, not Goldfrapp as she’s gone down the Olivia Newton John circa Xanadu route with her new single – for it’s artwork.

    Ladytron, Golfrapp and M.I.A are linked to her new album and there’s an ‘in the style of’ Nine Inch Nails ‘Only’ alleged demo track by Ladytron for the album on youtube.

    Now, when will the S-Club Juniors re-form and get it together with The Advisory Circle ?

  2. I agree: too aggressive and brooding for the current incarnation of Goldfrapp. Also seems like there aren’t enough actual, you know, lyrics, for a pop singer like Aguilera. Although she does have an album coming up in Q2, the likely single has been described as “a poppy hip-hop inflected throwback to Madonna’s Vogue”, which this, uh, isn’t.

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